Robin Chemicals (P) Ltd. has two state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities at Chennai and Mumbai, which are constantly updated to improve the quality of our products while adhering to all the existing regulations. Our manufacturing sites are well laid out with having separate places for processing, packaging and warehousing.

We have facilities to produce around 2,000 tonnes of flavours annually. We possess all the necessary machinery to process the raw material for converting into finished products.

The company also has a well-equipped lab to check all the raw materials as well as finished products as per the prevalent standards. In order to make our factories eco- friendly, our manufacturing units also have effluent treatment plants in place.

R & D

Innovation is the key to successful flavour manufacturing. Indeed, at Robin, a very significant portion of our technical resources are earmarked for innovation in flavours and creating new and subtler flavour profiles by continuously exploring and incorporating the new chemicals in our blends, while adhering to the PFA, FEMA and GRAS standards.

Our effort is directed into those areas where specific customers have requested a new flavour or where our market research team has highlighted forward trends and probable new and emerging needs. These help us and in turn our customers to stay far ahead of our competitors.