A key part of our strength also lies in our prompt delivery for all our products. On receipt of an order, the same is executed within 48 hours. But having said that, Robin Chemicals takes meticulous care so that the quality of its products is not compromised at any cost. A properly streamlined system of analytical reports prepared batch wise is in place to support this operation.

An important clarification from our side is also essential. Some of your queries for new flavours take time, while we may have anticipated certain other enquiries. Immediate fulfillment of demand for some other flavours may be initially be difficult and require concentrated effort from our technical teams. But our objective is constant: to provide you a prompt reply and the product you need using as much technical back up.

Quality Assurance

For a company like ours, whose major activity is the provision of materials destined for human consumption, the manufacture of products of a consistent and high quality is of paramount importance. We maintain analytical and quality control laboratories using both classical and instrumental methods of analysis. An essential part of the quality control function is the development of a high degree of organoleptic ability in our skilled personnel.

Each stage of the process of manufacturing from incoming raw materials through intermediate to finished products is carefully monitored against established standards and samples. This helps us to deliver the perfect flavour blends time and again. Robin Chemicals never compromises in quality by using substandard raw materials; our policy is to procure our raw materials from reputed vendors only. At the end of every batch manufactured, the flavour is analyzed for physico-chemical constants, checked for odor value and tested for performance. Only after passing through this elaborate system of checks is the batch released for packaging and delivery.